Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I made a little bit of P on my WIP.

(Tee-hee. That sounded funny.)

Hurrying home to change for yoga, I looked up at my building and was overwhelmed with nostalgia.

John and I looked at furniture this weekend and have made one decision. I think it is safe to say that fairy lights around the window are not in our interior design future. Sigh.

So, I should elaborate on the yoga. Weekend before last, John was gracious enough to join me for a beginner workshop at SonicYoga, the closest studio to Chez Panique. (I am not a beginner, and I did once have a regular practice, but it had been almost two years since I had a class; John is a beginner, but has tight hamstrings that can seriously benefit form some downward-facing dog.) We had a good time at Yoga 101, and I liked the set-up enough to take advantage of a great four-month unlimited yoga deal.

I visited three classes last week and have not been disappointed. The Allign class I went to tonight rocked again. I forgot how much I like the practice. No, love the practice. How much better would life be if, every time you faced a new challenge, there was someone there to remind you not to take yourself too seriously, to focus on what you are learning through every moment of the experience, and most importantly to breathe?

So, a little P on the WIP; a little more P on the me-in-progress.

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