Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long walk, steady snow

I walked around in flurries for several hours today, and made it home just in time to change and leave for yoga. The snow on the way to the studio was the most beautiful I've seen in New York. It varied in size from sprinkly bits to fluffy chunks, and fell like the lightest swirling confetti. When I left ninety minutes later, it was starting to sleet: it's warming up! Tomorrow, rain all day.

This is where my mind was, though. Well, not exactly. This is a window at ABC. My mind was in Maui. May 31 through June 6: booked and paid for!

Sorry for yesterday's lameness; it was too cold to think, let alone blog.

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Big Kitty Fun said...

Have SO MUCH FUN in Hawaii!!! Have you been? You're going to love it.

A little green over here :)....