Sunday, February 24, 2008

Centering my ass

Seated forward bends start with a long spine, and the yogi needs to be firmly grounded before the crown of the head can rise forward and over like the arc of a rainbow. An instructor will often prompt the class to "move the flesh away from the sitz bones." This means grabbing your butt and moving it out of the way, so you don't have so much padding between yourself and the floor. I somehow avoided this advice for my first few classes since restarting my practice, so it was a surprise the first time, last week, when I grabbed my ass and realized just how much of it there is. Of course I had noticed that my practice now, at least fifteen pounds heavier than two years ago, has changed a bit. My center of gravity has moved and my hip creases, which have always defied openness, are encumbered by extra bulk. No judgement, just observation. Like the observation that last night's Center class was an awfully sweaty thing to do late on a Sunday night.

But just a tiny bit of judgment... on the fashion front. After a preemptive margarita at El Centro brunch, John agreed to a trip to Macy's, where I looked for jeans and pants. I eventually tried on one pair of each and thought that the pants were alright for $40. Black. Sort of canvas-y texture with slight stretch. Don't need hemming. But check out this button:

It's not even metal; it's bright metallic plastic!

It must go!

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