Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pretty boobies

I don't think I've ever had strong feelings either way about La Lohan, and I'm still not sure how these Marilyn pictures will figure into her career, but she is really very pretty and very normal-sized. Which is to say that when I saw the semi-nude photos in New York Magazine, I didn't hate myself. In fact, my first thought was that my boobs don't look half bad. Bless Bert Stern for shooting her so joyously, compassionately and naturally. Witness: one black and white shot (included in the slideshow) where La Lohan is supine on the floor, running a diamond necklace across her lips. While a nipple is apparent, her right breast has, well, disappeared. Because they do that when you lie down on your back.

Oh, and I don't care what the NYT says. Ginia Bellafante is just wrong; I know from mock necrophilia, and the restaged Last Sitting is not mock necrophilia.

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