Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Do the Good Day!

We had been in NYC about six months when my co-worker at NYU turned me on to Good Day New York. She was right; it is superior to the national morning shows, which engage in a form of psychological torture that only becomes apparent when you watch entire broadcasts every day for weeks on end. Health scares then exercise demos, calorie-laden recipes then diet tips, then stories about rampant obesity, then stories about epidemics of eating disorders. Then splurgy fashion shows. Then fat girl make-overs.

Good Day New York, on the other hand, is chatty local news. With a dance!

To be honest, though, GDNY dosn't get that much play Chez Panique. One can avoid actual newsy-news entirely with a sports show; in the daily morning election, we vote Mike and Mike. (Greeny is hawt!)

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