Sunday, September 14, 2008

Summer's last sticky hurrah

So, it's a soupy 90 degrees out there today, and what am I busy with in the kitchen? Gazpacho? Prosciutto and melon? Intricately sliced crudités?

Rice pudding and red beans and rice.

Oy. The rice pudding made an enormous quantity, and I ate half of it before it even cooled. It is delicious, but then, what isn't delicious when it's made with five cups of whole milk, four egg yolks, and a cup and a half of sugar?

The red beans are yummy, but I went a little nuts using up some extra ham and I think they are a little salty and meaty. I'll fix this tomorrow by diluting with extra beans.

I don't find either of these dishes particularly photogenic, so instead you get more of my Republican-convention-watching-Etsy purchases.


The top two pair are from littlebrownbird, the bottom ones from MAugustaWoodland. What a thrill to get pretty things in the mail!

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