Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PdP Summer Concert Series*, Pt.7: My Bloody Valentine


If you got one of my drunken texts during the show, well, at least know that they helped me piece together the evening when I finally clawed my way to consciousness this morning.

Because it's so hard to get a drink at Roseland, I had one before we left home. Then we got to Roseland and the line at the bar wasn't bad, but I knew it would be later, so I ordered a double. And thanks to a straw, I had consumed most of it before the opener, the Lilys, were through with their set. This led me to be extremely chatty with people around us; I even provided earplugs to a lovely woman next to me when MBV finally went on and she winced in pain.

Oh, I forgot to mention the earplugs. Yes, as we entered the venue, they scanned our tickets and offered earplugs. Because MBV is really all about the loud, which isn't clear if your experience of them is listening to their nuanced distortion on a home stereo. But the music blogs had been buzzing with rumors of this excessive volume for the past few months, so we had packed our own personal earplugs. We were prepared. Or so I thought.

Here, a picture of us before our brains started leaking out our ears.


As preface to this video clip, I should mention that this is the encore, known affectionately as "The Holocaust." You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. The familiar riff of "You Made Me Realise" kicks in at about 00:15, but the part before was pretty much what the first nine minutes of the song sounded like. After seven minutes, I whimper like a baby and cry loudly, so I cut that out.

Sometime before the finale I got another drink. How did that happen? One of the nice things about Roseland is that the shows end early, and as a result I was on my knees at home puking my guts out by 11:30pm.

Good times.

*I know it's technically not summer anymore, but I was going for a theme, okay?

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