Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Magic carpet ride


It's a good thing someone duct-taped this carpet to the light pole, because it's so grungy it probably could have walked away by itself. It pleases me to no end that I'm almost always guaranteed something crazy to photograph when I leave the work/study gig. God, I love that color.

So, shall we just pretend the last two blogless weeks didn't happen? I think my latent OCD will propel me to fill in the blanks, so don't be surprised as random posts pop up over the next few days. Especially tomorrow, when I plan to barricade myself indoors, against what I can only hope will be the last great scorcher of the summer.


À propos of nothing: did anybody else watch Sarah Palin's youngest daughter give the baby a spit-fueled hair styling during her mother's speech tonight? Gross, but cute.

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