Friday, September 12, 2008

Bullseye Bullsh*t Bodega


I'm with you, lady. Meh.

First, the whip-around.


Midtown: 57th and Sixth.


Union Square: Broadway, between 11th and 12th.


SoHo: Broome, between Wooster and West Broadway.


East Village: Bowery and 2nd.

I figured out after the second one that they would have identical stock, but I went to all four anyway. I had on a cute outfit, and it was raining in a nice way, so I thought: pourquoi pas?

But I bought nothing. Because it was crap. There was one rather nice pierced and glazed stoneware vase by Victoria Hagan that almost had me reaching for my wallet, but it was expensive enough (maybe $15) that I knew there was probably something nicer on Etsy for about the same price. The much-anticipated (by moi) John Derian line was a snooze, or worse: poorly conceived and poorly executed. Ten bucks for a shoddily slapped-together paperweight? Je ne crois pas.

Lucky for me, though, there is a Sunrise Mart across the street from the SoHo outpost.


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