Thursday, September 04, 2008

Injection site reaction

Because my father instilled in me an irrational fear of tetanus, when I stepped on a piece of wire in the street in SoHo last weekend, even though it was only a scratch, I knew it meant a trip to the doctor's office. After the holiday weekend, of course. Because I'm sure those bacteria were on vacation, too. More than 48 hours after the shot, I still have a quarter-sized throbbing knot on my bicep. M. Panique, believe it or not, knows a thing or two about vaccines, and if he's not worried then neither am I. But ow.

And OW MY BRAIN. I won't subject you to the ranting I've inflicted on poor M. Panique vis-à-vis the whole Republican snarkfest in St. Paul. I will just say that at some point tonight, when I suggested that I might do a little happy dance if a grave tragedy befell Mrs. Palin, and M. Panique said I didn't really mean that, I actually held forth with the argument that the cause of women's rights might be advanced if like-minded misogynists suffered horrible, horrible deaths, thus warning away other hateful idiots from their hateful idiot beliefs.

Also, did you happen to catch this guy during McCain tonight?


I made M. Panique rewind the television so I could take a picture. Hot damn that HDTV is photogenic!

So how did I soothe my anxieties? I bought $80 worth of stuff on Etsy. I'll post pictures when it gets here.

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Big Kitty Fun said...

Oh no! You has a monkey bite! The worst. I share your irrational fear of germs and affection for western medicine. I can lick subways and not get sick at this point.

My rotten cousins are in love with the pitbull. Every time they make a pro-Palin comment on Facebook, I give more money to Obama.

I had a visit from a Libertarian author yesterday at work. David Brooks tagged her as one to watch, and she feels like we need to be careful not to underestimate how Palin speaks to middle America moms. God, I hope she's wrong.