Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now I know

Today was all about prepping for an event tonight at the work/study gig. An event I didn't end up staying for, because I was tired. Which didn't stop me from walking thirty blocks down Sixth Avenue in search of someplace to print out some photos and another place to buy sugar-free mocha syrup so I can stop dropping $3.79 every few days to support my Starbuck's habit.

Now I know that the famous coffee place doesn't have the syrup, and that the only instant photo printing machine on Sixth Avenue will be occupied by a horrible, horrible woman going through what appears to be years of boring family photos.

Also, now I know that while wallpaper-scraping beats grant writing, metal-folding-chair moving does not.

I did eventually print out the photos at home. I never use my printer for photos, but it prints good ones. These are now on a groovy magnetic wood veneer frame on our tv console.



I should have taken an installation shot of this piece at MassMoCA, Village Green by Vaughn Bell, but you'll just have to trust me when I say: it was a room full of "personal biospheres," acrylic house-shaped terrariums suspended from the ceiling, and there were holes in the bottoms of the terrariums so you could stand up with your head inside. Some were for couples, and we took pictures of each other while we shared this one.

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