Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thank you, Christopher.

John has been working late, so I've been sleeping poorly. I got up early this morning, because John and I were both getting ready at the same time; I had a gyno appointment scheduled for 9:30am.

Which is how I like to start my Wednesdays.

And the appointment had been scheduled before my work/study changed from Thursday, so I had to worry about whether I would be late.

And as it turns out, I was. And I by the time I got there, I had obviously been crying. Nice.

But let's back up. I woke up, I turned on the computer and it turned itself off. Then did it again. Then John directed my attention to my cellphone, on the kitchen pass-through, covered in cat vomit. I made a genius bar appointment for 7:20pm.

My blood pressure was so high when the nurse checked me in that my gyno warned me she couldn't keep me on the pill unless it came down. Surprisingly, this isn't what made me cry. (Don't worry, it was fine after my exam, before we went back to her office and she decided to get all therapist-y on me and then I cried.)

Fast forward to the genius bar, where Christopher manages to get my ailing 1-year old battery replaced for gratis. So like I was saying, thank you, Christopher. From the bottom of my straining heart. Thank you.

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