Thursday, May 08, 2008

Post-podiatrist tamales

Today I had my first podiatrist appointment. Afterward, because it was lunchtime and my feet were feeling fresh, I walked down to the Mexican consulate and finally found the tamale lady.


I ate them in front of the main library, sipping my iced coffee and listening to Leonard Lopate interview Carol Felsenthal about her new book about Bill Clinton's post-presidency. Good news: he isn't prematurely senile. Bad news: he's a selfish prick. Eh.

The cheese tamale was also eh, but the puerco was muy rico!

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MarmeeCraft said...

I LOVE tamales!! :) Yum!

Thanks for your sweet comment over at my little blog,by the way! :) To answer your question: I do not have my e-mail listed anymore as I have been receiving a crazy amount of those nutty, spammy 'irish lottery' e-mails and other odd things.

Have a very beautiful day!