Saturday, May 10, 2008

Smoking in space

Starbuck, originally uploaded by The Sizemore McCabe Project.

I am pretty up front about how much I miss smoking. Weather like we've been having lately, alternately warm and cool, sunny and gloomy, makes me positively quiver for nicotine. If it weren't for the new anti-smoking PSA running during prime time, with the poor woman who has had all her fingertips amputated, I'm sure I would have given up and broken into the pack of Camel Red Lights that has been sitting sealed in the back of the junk drawer since September 2006. We have tickets to five concerts this summer, and live music is another trigger, so I'm steeling myself for temptation.

So what I want to know is: why are people on Battle Star Galactica allowed to smoke? My only comfort is the suspicion that they will, eventually, run out of tobacco. In the meantime, watching with a glass of wine in the evening makes my fingers itch.

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