Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pumpkin eater

As in: cheater, cheater... Because I don't have much today say today. I am in full-on invented errand mode as we near take-off for Maui (Saturday morning), to the point that my plans for tomorrow now include looking at hand-held labelers so I can identify my travel containers of goo. Must. Stop. Over-thinking.

Anyway, this picture is for Marmee Craft, if she wants to come see it. It's been sitting on my desktop for a while. This beauty's incredibly looooong neck (and something about her smile) reminds me of some of Ms. Marmee's creations.


1 comment:

MarmeeCraft said...

Oh, she is lovely...her smile!! :) And that hair! Thanks so much for sharing her....Your so sweet!! And your blog is wonderful!!

Happy Friday!!! Thanks again!! :)