Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Heavy lifting

My work/study day switched to Wednesdays, so this afternoon found me hauling thirty packages in two trips to midtown's saddest post office, struggling six blocks with fourteen pounds of laundry, and coming back empty-handed from a supply run. I finished the day sorting spacing (my favorite job!) and washed my hands thoroughly to remove all the lead dust that had accumulated under my fingernails.

I pass a mango lady on Broadway every time I have work/study, and today I gave in to temptation.


I took it up to the tables and chairs in Greeley Square and ate it all in about 45 seconds.

My mood stayed mango-sunny as I fruitlessly browsed Daffy's for a summer jacket, as I got jostled down the stairs to the subway, as I trudged through Duane Reade to get contact lens solution I ran out of last night, all the way till I was a quarter-block from home and saw that they started on the corner building.


There were all kinds of emergency vehicles and guys in suits at the site when I left the apartment this morning. Maybe one of the long-time neighborhood residents had a heart attack when he saw them start tearing down the water tank.

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