Friday, May 16, 2008

Gotta new haircut, lah-dee-dah...

This day started rough, with crazy rain. But isn't it amazing the way a haircut can make things better?

So, I finally have a New York haircut. Kathy Mecham, now at Woodley & Bunny, has been patiently tending my locks for almost two years. I've cut my hair back to my Austin duck fluff, grown it out, trimmed it up, pretended I wanted it to be all Amelie, accidentally grown it out and finally, finally, I actually let Kathy show me what she's got.

Skillz. Girl's got skillz.

I won't post a pic now, because it would require taking a photo in the mirror, but maybe there will be one soon. So what can I say about la nouvelle coiffure? There are layers, and I've never had layers before. I can pull it back, with whisps framing my face in a delightful way, or leave it long (it's almost to the top of my shoulders). My hair's natural waviness shows. I look older maybe, or just more mature. Both are a good thing.

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A said...

I love Kathy. I pretty much give her free rein to do whatever she wants. The blessed soul doesn't force hairdresser-hairdressee conversation on me, and leaves me with hair which can assume some edginess, but it can also assume a more demure, conservative form for when, say, the parents are around. I'm moving to New Haven in the fall for grad school but I'm still intending on coming back to New York for her. I'm glad to see there's another Kathy Mecham fan out there!