Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sewing is hard fun happening

I fell in love with Marmee Craft's lovely dress. I'm so ready for the weather to be frock-worthy. A little interweb sleuthing turned up the pattern.

Marmee's dress is a sprigged cotton, but the pattern is sized for knits with a good deal of stretch. I'm not an experienced seamstress, by which I mean I've never sewn anything to wear, but even I recognized that making a stretch pattern from a non-stretch material would cause some problems.

Well, I've done the bodice, yoke and all, and set one sleeve and it's time to start over. I learned a lot, most importantly that I should have just started with the largest size. A second look at Marmee's construction shots show that she cut her pattern out at the largest size, and she's markedly plus petit que moi.

Looks like I'll be using all three yards of that 90" wide muslin.

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