Saturday, April 19, 2008

Arte = Vida

A day filled with photo opportunities, as Mrs. Boot joined us for a brief visit to NYC.

Breakfast at Veselka
Arte = Vida at El Museo del Barrio
Kids splashing old-school in the Harlem Meer, stripped to their underoos
Young couples necking in the Conservatory Gardens
Late afternoon crafting Chez Panique
Vegetarian Indian feast at Madras Mahal

So what do I offer to dazzle your eyes?


An enormous, slightly dusty, wrought-iron screen hanging over the toilet in the ladies room.


Because I left my purse with Mrs. Boot, I actually had to get my camera and go back for pictures. It should come as no surprise that we decided shortly after these photos were taken that we were too tired to meet M. Panique and our lovely friends for drinks.

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