Friday, April 04, 2008

Never enough

Window of La Luncheonette-Jean Francois, 18th and Tenth.

Per the recommendation of emily b., I checked out Marc Swanson's show at Bellwether. Pretty sweet. I don't usually connect with video work, but the collaborative piece between Swanson and Neil Gust is the perfect complement to the highly crafted sculptural work in the show. What a treat, and on a dreary Friday afternoon I had the gallery to myself.

I did not have the Forever 21 in Union Square to myself. Argh. Just being in there made me feel retarded dirty retarded. But I found what I was looking for: a top with a similar construction to the dress I'm working on in a size that fits. I was going to take it apart to trace the pieces, but durnit, it's so cute!


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