Sunday, April 06, 2008

Most. Depressing. Movie. Ever.

After a fairly upbeat Saturday, today succumbed to a dreary anxiety funk. I blame it on Friday night's feature: the most. depressing. movie. ever.


This was a real surprise, because as the dvd release approached I'd been seeing the ads on tv and was afraid it would be too scary for me. (I'm attracted to scary movies, but end up watching them through my fingers.) It wasn't, though there was some suspense.

No, what I couldn't handle was the sadness. Because that's how I spend all my days: alone in NYC. With my cats. Who I might have to strangle at any moment if they turn into zombies.

We had planned to pause the movie after an hour to go get ice cream, and when we left the building I asked John if we could just not watch the rest of it. He graciously agreed, and we watched an episode of The Office to cleanse my emotional palette.

But I think the damage was done, and even though yesterday was cool (tacos, successful change-of-season shopping for John, dinner at Mermaid Inn's UWS outpost) I woke up grumpy today. I know it's nervousness about some upcoming events (which should be positive but are making me jittery) but doing six loads of laundry and winging it with some banana-zucchini-sour cream muffins probably wouldn't lift anyone's mood. And mine is permanently lead-lined. Like that vest they put on you at the dentist. (After they ask if you could be pregnant and you say, "I f*cking hope not!")

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