Thursday, April 10, 2008

How's this for "an annoying coincidence"?

(Because John and I agreed it probably doesn't meet the technical definition of "irony".)

I had my first day of work/study at an arts non-profit today. It went great! I had two interesting women my age to have lunch with! I stayed late to finish entering info for labels for an exhibition that opens tomorrow night. I was referred to as "a trooper"!

I picked up burgers and met John at his office. He had twenty minutes of work left to do, so I sewed while I waited and we walked home in the lovely warm night.

I had some leftover fro-yo and a seriously old brownie and checked my email. We'd been home for an hour when John asked, "Are those new messages on the machine? The blinking red light?"

Um, yes.

Message one: Blockbuster, reminding us to return the movies we returned this morning.

Message two: NYC's Ivy League institution, wanting to interview me for a receptionist job in undergrad admissions that I applied for on FEBRUARY 25.

For reals?

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