Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Post-lunch check-in post

Lunch today was gross. I won't bore you with the details, but I am trying to clear out the pantry and some combinations just don't work.

Today looks nice and sunny. I'll find out how it is out there in a minute when I run down to the library to pick up a book on gem-cutting I requested a couple months ago. I'm not planning to start cutting gems. I have been thinking about building large models out of cardboard, though, and doing some paintings using the diagrams. We'll see. Also picking up a DVD of The Corner, an HBO mini-series by the team behind The Wire. (We love The Wire and are in withdrawal as we await the release of Season 4 on DVD.)

I'll also pick up a string of garlic to roast, since all the other ingredients for gazpacho have been waiting in the fridge for a while.

None of this erranding got done yesterday because 1) it was my last big push of studying "new" material before the test tomorrow and 2) it rained all day. Not typical New York summer weather, but not incompatible with my plans for the day. It also made my memories of the weekend that much sweeter.

Saturday rocked. The whole day was planned out for the summer associates at John's firm, and it was one of a couple events each summer when significant others can tag along. I headed out early to do a bunch of errands before meeting everyone at the building on Fifth Avenue for a bus ride to Coney Island. On the way, we watched the appropriate segment of the Ken Burns Documentary about the history of New York City. We debused at the entrance to Astroland, and while everyone else got in line for the Cyclone, John and I headed over to Siren, the Village Voice's yearly indie music festival. The bus ride took a while and we thought we were going to miss the one band we most wanted to see, but there was just enough time to apply some sunscreen

before The Twilight Sad took the stage.

We got to hear their whole set, then ran down the boardwalk to Nathan's and scarfed a quick hot dog. We ran back up Surf Avenue, met up with the rest of the lawyers (all limbs accounted for post-roller coaster, but one cellphone lost) and headed to the New York Aquarium. We had a cocktail reception and a behind-the-scenes tour which ended with our own private sea lion feeding and training session. Meet the star of the show, Otis:

I have no idea how that picture happened, because he spent the rest of the time looking sweet and poised:

Everyone who wanted one got a kiss on the cheek from Otis. It wasn't at all what I expected. Not scratchy like a guy's beard, but soft like a smooch from a wet dog. And no smell, despite Otis having been downing raw fish for the previous fifteen minutes. Otis landed his kiss for John on his Ray-Bans. I wish I had a shot of that!

We relaxed for a bit longer at the aquarium, then headed down the boardwalk to KeySpan Park for a baseball game, the highlight of which was the distriubtion of Cyclone Cash: tokens worth twenty dollars of food, beverage or souveniers, change for which was given in US cash. I waited too long to get cotton candy (apparently not sold after the fifth inning) so I ended up with this little batting helmet full of a Dippin' Dots knock-off in "banana split":

No bueno, and three days later I'm still craving the pink stuff.

The game ended (mercifully) at about 9pm, with the Brooklyn Cyclones creaming the Tri-City Valley Cats. The Cats did finally score two runs in the top of the ninth, but it was no help against the eleven the 'Clones had brought in, seven in the sixth inning alone.

The firm had the car service dispatcher at the game to get us all home, and it was a smooth ride back to Manhattan, with a bit of snoozing in the car.

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