Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Conic sections, anyone?

I thought I was all set to take my math placement test today, but this morning I ran into some sample questions that were heavy on the conic sections, logs and factorials. Bother. So it's back to the books for a few days for me, and since the test is only offered on Wednesdays, that's on hold for a week.

The photo is the diluted dregs of my iced coffee, in a plastic glass I inherited from my Grammer. I feel like she'd get a kick out of these glasses now residing in New York, since they lived for decades in Kansas City, MO, in the house my Grampa built at 3338 Bell. I'll have to ask my Mom about their history some day. I think they may have been in the kitchen since the beginning, because they matched the turquiose formica countertops, flecked with copper to match the hardware on the drawers and cabinets.

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