Saturday, July 28, 2007

On a whym

On Thursday, M and I had a great salad for lunch at Whym on 9th Avenue. It was the TBA salad, the daily special, and Thursday it was curry chicken.

So good.

Last night I recreated it for myself for dinner, and if you want to recreate it for yourself, gather these ingredients in quantities appropriate to your taste and the number of people you are feeding.

golden raisins
canned chick peas
shredded cooked chicken
curry paste
sliced pickled jalapenos
mandarin orange slices
rough chopped Napa cabbage
creamy salad dressing

In a skillet over medium heat, combine the raisins and a little water; this will soften things up. Add the curry paste and some chick peas; this will soften things up some more and let the curry flavor really get into everything. Add the chicken, especially if it is coming cold and stiff from the fridge. Turn the heat off once the water has cooked off.

You can let the mixture cool or not, but when you are ready to eat, add the cabbage, jalapenos, mandarin oranges, and dressing to the skillet. Toss and divide into bowls.

I made it just for myself, because John ordered from Lucky Burger last night, thus the ketchup packet in the background.

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