Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25 post, as composed in my head this afternoon

This post was going to be titled "Victory," but since today is getting two posts, well...

This post is to commemorate my victory over plastic bags. I'm not talking about grocery bags, though I refuse those as often as I can. I'm talking about the zip-top kind, and by "victory over" I mean "joyful use of."

When I was growing up, zip-top bags (and paper towels) were treated like endangered species. Or semi-precious stones. Or some other more appropriate simile to imply that they were something not to be wasted, and as a child I was not qualified to determine whether or not a situation warranted a zip-top bag or a paper towel. It's not as though I had a habit of wasting expensive (or inexpensive) household goods, but somehow I got the message that I shouldn't use them, that I wasn't worthy.

So, this morning, I caught myself feeling guilty when I reached for a bag for these lovely squishy plums. And it wasn't just any zip-top bag, it was one of those really expensive slide-top bags that I bought exclusively for use with carry-on toiletries. And I had to tell myself that it was okay, that I deserved to spend a dime on myself so that I could have a healthy snack after my test without getting plum guts all over my wallet. I fought through the guilt, and stuffed a paper towel in there for good measure. I feel silly writing this, but it's the little victories that change my life.

And the plums were delicious. I ate them in the shade of the Hunter West building, talking to my friend Nicole, after my test, which went just fine. I can't register until the scores are officially posted next week, but I'm psyched!

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Big Kitty Fun said...

So funny! I feel exactly the same way. This morning, I was horrified to realize that I had used 2 sandwich bags. Yellow and blue make green ones. We use them forever, and they are so perfect for so many things.

But my little Depression-Era heart cringes every time. I *do* have the popsicle molds. Will get you a set ASAP.