Thursday, July 19, 2007

Et où est l'art?

I've got a prize for anyone out there who can teach me a mnemonic for the six laws of logarithmic functions!

Just kidding: your stellar memory for Algebra II is undoubtedly its own reward.

In spite of covering logs (and natural logs and compounding interest), today felt like a bit of a waste, but that's nothing new, sadly. Let me reveal the most pertinent details of the plan, and maybe the prospect of a real adult life will seem more imminent.

I'm taking the math test next Wednesday. Really. I can't stand to have it hanging over my head any more. Assuming I score reasonably well, I will register for a section of Pre-Calculus and a section of Chemistry I, and labs for each. I've looked at the open sections for these and something seems hinky with the numbers, so I think trips to the departmental offices will be in order, which will be a pleasure, I'm sure.

I need to choose an Art History course for this semester, too, and almost everything is full. Greek Vase Painting? Usually I would snooze at the thought but there are some good reasons to take it. 1) I loved mythology as a kid, and gods and goddesses figure prominently in vase paintings. 2) The Met has such a phenomenal collection, I'm sure the class will be chock-full of required trips. Way cool. 3) Maybe someone can tell me why some of the writing appears to be backwards on these? Though it occurs to me that it could just be that my lecturers had their slides in backwards. It happens.

Speaking of art history, I made a little of my own today. Art, not history. Here's the start of a painting. I'm always torn when I make something like this, because I like working this way, but compared to my other, more precise work, it looks like I'm just messing around. In this case, well, I was.

And oui, mes amies, that is paint drying in the bristles of the brush in the background. Rest assured it is totally dry and glue-like. It has always been a wretched brush and now I have a reason to throw it away.

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