Thursday, July 12, 2007

Look what John brought home...

Local counsel for one of his cases sent two big crates to the team in his office, which John estimated contained at least seventy peaches. He brought home six. One went back to the office with him this morning, and I just polished one off while trying to figure out how to link to a flickr photo. These are quite literally the fruits of my labor.

In spite of its oppressive humidity, yesterday was a good one. I finished up one Algebra book (the stinky cigarette smoke one -- thank goodness I don't have to go near that again) and, after a bite at Le Pain Quotidien, spent the afternoon running errands with M. We even made it to the Kwik-E Mart and I will henceforth be drinking my iced coffee from a Squishee cup bearing the likeness of Lisa Simpson.

Today is off to a slow start. Laundry is sorted but not started. Graphs of relations and functions loom manacingly on the horizon. The treadmill must be appeased. Better get to it.

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