Monday, June 02, 2008

Under the sea

Well, we were doing snorkel, so it was more like being halfway under the sea.


Pencil urchin, wedged in coral.


School of fish, stripey ones and black ones.


Four spot wrasses on the bottom, saddle wrasses up in the rocks.


One turtle, floating.


Another turtle, this one missing a front flipper, being cleaned by cleaner wrasses.


The weirdest thing we saw: a giant blob of octopus ink just floating in the water. Our intrepid guide, Suzzy, really lost her cool over this; it was apparently a pretty uncommon occurrence. We also saw some octopuses in the crevices in the coral, sighted by our co-snorkeler Deb.

I could snorkel every day. I just loved this. Big thanks to Suzzy from Maui Snorkel Tours for a great experience!

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