Thursday, June 12, 2008

And you may ask yourself...

David Byrne rode past me on his bike today, right in front of the Dick Blick (no, really! that's what it's called!) store on Bond Street.

And I mean, right past me.

And I mean, right in front of the store.

On the sidewalk.

NOT COOL, DAVID BYRNE. I know that block is all wonky cobblestones, but it is NOT COOL to ride a bike on the sidewalk. There is already enough crap fouling up the pedestrian flow of this city without tossing vehicular traffic into the mix. You looked, good though.

On to another of my pet peeves: New York drugstores. Apparently this is also one of Andrew Cuomo's pet peeves. I just want to know how Duane Reade dodged this bullet.

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