Sunday, March 09, 2008

Making an impression (or, not so much)

Well, I sort of hoped we might try a different brunch place today, but we ended up back at El Centro, later in the day than usual.


When we get there at 11:30am, we have the place to ourselves, and things are leisurely.

When we get there a little after noon, the room bustles and it's fun.

Today we arrived a bit after 1pm, and got one of three remaining tables; the other two filled up quickly. It was a while before we got water, and twenty minutes before we ordered. I think we waited about another twenty minutes for our drinks, and another twenty for our food.

There were several large parties, and that might have contributed to the hold-up. Of course there was no way to explain why the guys who sat down ten minutes after us (and ordered fifteen minutes after us) got their food immediately and asked for the check while we were still nursing our margaritas (mango for me, strawberry for John).

The food didn't suffer, but the experience did. And our experiment in becoming regulars at our local brunch place seems to have, well, failed.

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