Monday, March 03, 2008

Mailing and making, and sentences unfettered by grammar

If you live in ZIP codes 03087, 27701, 77094 or 78748 watch your mailboxes: I didn't stand in line at the APC for thirty minutes for nothing! One package contained a piece of craft, finished off today, so that qualifies as making. Sort of. One thing down. Lots to go.

I dyed my hair. Making? No, not really.

I re-organized, recycling some Christmas cards and turning the catch-all by the front closet that my keys hang from into INFORMATION CENTRAL, i.e. a place to put mail that needs attending to. Not making.

I ran some errands, which included colored pencil-buying and foot blistering. Not making.

I finished off the day (after taking care of John for a while, since he had some more of that grotesque oral surgery this afternoon) with some unequivocal making. I'm thinking about taking a box-making workshop at The Center for Book Arts next month, and so I looked through my sketchbook for things I've been thinking about making that would eventually need to be boxed.

This is as far as my sketch got, but I have an idea of where this piece will go next, and there's paper and color and beading involved. The material I was working with is a real bitch, and these little barnacles were harder to make than I expected. Paperclay has its faults, but in my experience has much more integrity than this sticky Craftporcelain stuff. It's tantalizingly translucent, but getting it thin is beyond my novice sculpting abilities. Should be dry tomorrow, and then I can start ruining embellishing it.

Oh, I almost forgot! I made something for the recently-painted front door, but you'll have to wait for a photo.

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