Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bright ideas

Today was a few degrees warmer than yesterday. Still cold, but not so bad in the sun and out of the wind.

We had brunch at El Centro. We are trying to get them to know us, so this is our fifth weekend in a row. I think it's the third since we settled on Sunday noon, and it's my third in a row of the wonderful, wonderful French toast. Do you know what piloncillo is? When you whip it with cream cheese, it's spreadable bliss! No maple syrup needed.

John suggested a trip to the East Village, and we had a great time watching the crazy pooches in the dog runs (big dog and little dog) at Tompkins Square Park, and the crazy guys barking at the dogs in the dog runs. On our way back to Mondo Kim's, we passed this insane see-through truck.

Hey! There I am in the reflection!

Inside was a long table, laden with beads and feathers. Oh, we should have stuck around, but I got shy and overwhelmed. By the thought. That someone had that thought.

The goal for this coming week is to make things. Things ahoy!

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