Friday, October 17, 2008

Objet d'art, I think


It's a large flat glass "gem" and I made a bezel around it in peyote stitch with size 08 clear glass seed beads and fluorescent yellow embroidery floss. Because I have a little time on my hands. It fits well in my palm and has a nice heft. There are a number of useful tutorials out there for beaded cabochons.

Because I've started using Google Analytics, I know a few people are stumbling across this blog, though many arrive after searching for an antonym for disappointment or the world's smallest dog. Who else is reading? I think I'll give this petit trésor away: leave a comment on any post in the next week, and next Saturday I'll pick a name out of a hat. I'm not sure this objet is quite finished yet, so watch this space for photos of its progress.

1 comment:

Martha Jane said...

I like this little guy...and what he has become. And I will definately be trying colored string with clear beads in the future.