Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maybe you're the same as me...


Incredibly productive day, at least on the personal enrichment front. M. Panique and I rose with the birds to exercise, grabbed breakfast and some neighborhood sass at the diner down the street, then headed to the LES. Almost as amazing as the re-fucking-markable Elizabeth Peyton show is the panoramic view from the seventh floor terrace. And someone is either giving the graffiti finger to the New Museum, or this building got tagged with Sigur Rós lyrics.


Later, M. Panique went to work and I made my way back to Tenth Avenue, where I found the same folks who hosted the procession last month, but failed to find the vendor of my beloved chilenitos. So I ate half a tub of meringue cookies, pfaffed about for a while and went to yoga. M. Panique worked hard all day and was rewarded with leftovers and a Red Sox loss. Boo hoo.

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