Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hide and seek


A certain bonny lass and I volunteered for New York Cares Day with the New York Texas Exes and ended up spending this morning and afternoon at a high school in the Bronx.


In a garden.

Yep, we totally scored on the assignment, though I imagine that our backs and hamstrings will be begging to differ tomorrow. We weeded and weeded and weeded. We weeded the berry patch, which was lovely because there were a few late raspberries still to be found. We weeded a few overgrown flower boxes, which was pretty straightforward. Then we moved on to a larger area that was pretty much all weeds. We tried to clear the area around some shrubs so that the school's environmental club could mulch later if they wanted.

That's where I found the dude pictured above. Still not sure how I managed to spot him, except that he was almost as long as my hand. Usually bugs kind of creep me out, but I was sad when I went back to look for him later and he was gone.

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