Wednesday, October 22, 2008

J'ai besoin d'un chapeau.

Oui, bien sur.

I need a hat. It's freezing here! What happened? And how will I survive the next five months? At least our apartment is getting afternoon sun again, for which I and the sundrenched kitties could not be more thankful.

Mai, je n'ai pas besoin de chaussures.

I just ordered six pairs of shoes. I expect I will return most of them, but I simply cannot face a trip to Macy's and it's too cold now for my comfy sandals.

Wah wah wah. Too much time today sniffing around foundation websites, too little time on the sofa beading.

Today's petite victoire is that I managed to order some decent Chinese delivery. Crab rangoon, kung pao chicken, and house special lo mein, all a reasonable facsimile of the so-so Chinese I grew up eating. Comfort food on a cold night.

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