Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A girl's best friend, sort of


We were only at the Herkimer Diamond Mine (and KOA Campground) for about an hour and half, but I managed to get all kinds of sweaty and find three "diamonds." I need to take a moment here to thank John for prompting me to adjust my top before he took this picture; apparently I was completely flashing my girls to the rest of the prospectors.


There are two mining areas that look like this, and as you can see, we were not alone. This came as quite a surprise to M. Panique.


But not as much of a surprise as this crazy bike, which he took a picture of when he got tired of banging away at rocks and I sent him back to the car for my camera.


And not as much as we were surprised to see an Amish couple and their toddler son come out of the Price Chopper, carrying several bags and a large bottle of Tide, load everything into their buggy and drive away from this parking space.

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