Saturday, August 02, 2008

At the water's edge


We hadn't planned to enjoy the fresh air in Battery Park this evening, but our movie was sold out and we had an hour to kill before the next showing. Right outside the theater we found a strange grassy stone lighted wedge-shaped monument, which turned out to be the Irish Hunger Memorial. Odd and beautiful, and right up the alley of the other lass in our foursome. We explored it until the attendant threatened to lock us in, then strolled down to the waterfront and took turns trying to read the huge red neon sign on the other side of the Hudson, which turned out to say ERIE LAKAWANNA and marks the site of the ferry and railroad terminal of the same name (aka Hoboken terminal).

Then we went back to the theater and saw The Dark Knight, which sort of paled in comparison to the evening's earlier activities.

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