Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rainbow bright


This close-up of cotton candy is the perfect image to capture the glorious afternoon we spent at Coney Island today. I can't thank Eileen enough for cooking us such a fantastic brunch and making all the arrangements for the ballgame. Though she denied it, I think she also had a hand in the weather, which could not have been better. I was prepared to whine about my sweatiness all day long, but we stepped out into the Brooklyn air to a cool salty breeze.

Sadly, things were not so sweet for the Cyclones. When we saw them last year, they mopped the field with their opponents. This year, it was


one batter,


two batters,


three batters, and they were out, shut out (1-0) by the State College Spikes.

Still a little queasy, less yawn-y, powerful headache.

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