Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Black Flag


Some numbskull on the floor above us draped a crusty black shower curtain out a window. I cannnot state this in strong enough terms: THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF BUILDING.

In other news, I took the pharmaceutical plunge today and started an anti-depressant. Which is not to say I've been feeling awful lately. I'm just worn out from having to work so hard to keep my head above water for the past, oh, decade or so. So far, I've been slightly queasy and yawning a lot, but that could be related to changing my eating and sleeping habits this week. My GP very directly explained that the side effects will come first, maybe immediately, but will most likely taper off. The benefits, on the other hand, won't kick in for three to six weeks. This is good to know, and I'm confident that this will go well.

I managed to avoid a donut incident at the work/study gig this afternoon, so this is day four of "on program" eating. With any luck, six weeks will find me happier and healthier!

(And skinnier! Dammit, I want to be skinnier!)


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