Monday, January 07, 2008

Might as well be Texas

I decided not to go with my gut reaction and let this ruin my day. Between that sticker and this weather, I have a little geographical vertigo.

My breezy jog quickly deteriorated to a shin-splinted walk. I kept going. At the end of my second lap of the lower loop, I spotted this dude walking ten dogs.

On my way home, I was cheered to see some fellas hard at work inside the coming-soon Pinkberry on 58th between Eighth and Ninth. Keep at it, boys!

1 comment:

oneredboot said...

oh my god! don't tell me you're getting a pinkberry??????? that's fabulous!

in other news, my exams are tomorrow--i'll be done by friday...hooray!!

oh, and i made the pineapple-coconut rice pudding again yesterday! mmmmmmm....... you will forever be associated with that most perfect of desserts, ms. pineapple-provider!

miss you! xoxo