Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm sorry! I just can't stop saying it!

It's what I'm going to say every time I pass a storefront that used to be something I liked, even a little bit, that is now going to be a branch office. Today, that was the florist on the corner of 14th and Fifth that is going to be a Chase.


There's always something going up, or coming down, or being inspected or repaired. I walked past these guys heading to the subway at 11:30, and they were still there at 1:45 when I headed back to the apartment. They are not working on a bnak! but if you keep walking to the corner and take a right on Ninth, there's a North Fork going in, and a Chase across the street.

I can't believe we've lived here long enough that I feel invested in these things. No more bnaks!

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