Monday, January 14, 2008

Effing toaster

I have a burning desire to make faux ivory from polymer clay. So flammable, in fact, is my yearning, that I burned the first half-dozen pieces I made. Today I got wise and spent two hours watching my toaster oven skitter up and down the Fahrenheit scale.

(This is the sort of wisdom that keeps me unemployed.)

(Also, I think this is exactly the second time I've used my Pyrex digital probe oven thermometer.)

Two hours well spent: after I established a pattern of temperature swings, I was able to bake three pendant-sized pieces. Only the center slab is the ivory technique, but the other two might also suit my faux scrimshaw needs.

An update: Check this out! Actual crafts happening! Witness my scrimshaw debut!

For a first go, I'm pleased as punch.

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