Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dog noise

That would be barking, and there was a lot of it in the park at 8am. As much as I complain about cats whining at the break of dawn, I forget how lucky I am not to be obligated to take a dog out to do its business in the tender light of morning. Bloomberg decided earlier this year that it's okay for folks to let their dogs off leash before 9am, but I hadn't experienced the mayhem in person until today. I empathize with the squirrels; being a little dog-phobic myself, I wasn't too keen on them barreling toward me as I trooped twice around the lower loop. At least NYC dogs tend to be small.

And the canine anxiety was something to take my mind off the bitter, bitter cold. It was 47 degrees this morning, and we are not prepared. Cold weather clothes are still in the basement, and mine don't fit. They might, someday, if I can have more days like yesterday, days of eating healthy and finishing projects. The projet d'hier was new covers for new foam for my $5 Danish modern chair. It looks really good! Sunny and sturdy. If I had a garage, I would strip the frame of its mangled mid-brown finish and paint it a dove grey. And if I had any sewing cajones, I would have put some piping on the cushions. Meh. Next time.

So, yesterday's food. Healthy snacks of grapes and strawberries. Lunch was an Amy's organic microwave meal, mmm, yum, why have I not been eating these? But dinner, I swear, was still warming my belly as I marched through the park this morning: a white bean and chorizo soup intended just to use up some cannellini beans, which may just be my favorite soup ever. I thought I knew most flavors, you know, that I've tasted many cuisines and have an idea of what is possible. Paprika has taken me by surprise, though. I bought a fresh bottle from Kalustyan's a couple weeks ago to make a spice-rubbed chicken, but this soup seems to showcase the spice much more distinctly. Wowza. Topped the day off with an episode of The Shield and a sliver of pumpkin pie from Whole Foods, and I went to bed a happy girl.

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