Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well, who knew?

As it turns out, it doesn't take forever for papier-mâché to dry. The birds were crisp by 5am this morning, when John got home from work and Gemma decided it was time to start batting them all over the living room. I collected and hid them. At 6am, Gemma decided it was time to play with the clay-covered molds. NOT COOL. They are now secured, as well.

I think it is fair to say Molly was innocent in all this mayhem, but she is being suspiciously cuddly next to me on the sofa as I write this up.

I've given the birds one coat of gesso and they are drying on their bamboo skewers. I am worried that as soon as I leave Gemma will go after them again, but at least they are dry to the touch and won't leave a trail of gesso everywhere.

By the way, this is how I intend them to be displayed, because I am currently intentionless. Unintentioned. Whatever.

Since I didn't leave the apartment yesterday, I'm off to do made-up errands and dodge spotty showers.

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