Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Free dissociation

These are for the Winter Holiday Dangly Swap I participate in through ArtErratica, a Yahoo! Group I've belonged to, like, forever. Wow, no kidding. I just checked, and it looks like I joined October 2, 2000. Ah, the good old days, when I accessed the internet through dial-up, sitting in that fantastic orange office chair I stole from my parents, at my lovely Ikea desk. And look how far I've come! In my pajamas, on the comfy sofa, with the wireless and the overly-powerful laptop.

I finally got started messing around with Photoshop Elements last week. It took a while to find a book that seemed like it would be my speed, but it is hard to follow a book when you just want to clean up a scan and resize an image so you can have it printed for your seasonal cards. Hmmmph.

This laptop tote is on its way to me, or will be soon, so that I can take it out with me and show it the world. It needs a name, this overly powerful, precious piece of machinery. It needs a name so that when John uses it to search for birthday presents for me, and doesn't want me to know, and clears the history on my browser, I can tell him to keep his damn hands off [insert laptop name here]. Any suggestions?

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