Saturday, December 29, 2007

One last day in Austin

We rocked into the wee hours of the morning with Jim, Sommer, and Nikki.

Looks like John may have missed his true (i.e. less lucrative) calling.

After a chilly walk/jog/gasp for breath on Town Lake with the much-fitter Sommer, the four of us cleaned up and headed to G├╝ero's for lunch. I had the delicious fish tacos.

No, not those fish, though we taunted them as we waited for a table. I mean, our mere presence seemed to taunt them -- we didn't poke them or anything. They seemed to be expecting to be fed; maybe they get tortilla chips from other diners?

A so-so latte at Jo's down the street, and then we were headed to the airport. Home by a little after 10:30pm, the kitties were in good shape, and we were glad to sleep in our own beds...

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