Friday, December 28, 2007

Houston and back

Why does so much of Houston look like this?

It's not a bad city. It has great food, though maybe not as great as Austin.

We had a great time with my parents, and played old-fashioned board games, like Super Yahtzee, which is like Original Yahtzee, but with an extra die and more cursing. We also played Carcassonne, which is like Risk, but with your Mom making you feel guilty for not playing that one piece she needed to complete her city.

We stopped in Lockhart at Kreuz Market for barbecue, and it turns out that Chez Panique, the sauce is not optional.

They didn't have any good dessert at Kreuz, either, so after I dropped John off at Waterloo (ultimate damage: $158, zero calories), I headed down to La Mexicana for pink cake (ultimate damage: $0.85, one million calories).

I think the focus in that photo is actually on the concrete. Rest assured, if I had dropped the pink cake in the gravel parking lot, I would have picked it up, done my best to avoid cracking a tooth, and eaten it. In fact, if you spread the icing on the concrete, I would probably eat the parking lot. I am a bitch to pink cake.

We had some time to kill, so after the obligatory trip to the Book People restroom, we headed to Austin Java Company. The Caramel Knowledge is my fave, but apr├Ęs pink cake, I think I should have gone with something less... sweet.

And hello? Who left this sweetie out in the cold?

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