Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lovin' it...

Yum, right?

I know it looks like breakfast, but it was lunch. There's cheese in the egg, and a little salt and pepper. It was preceded by a giant bowl of gazpacho 2.0, which I had the foresight to set out before I went downstairs to exercise, so it was cool but not icy when I got back. Sadly, I think I overdid the onion in this batch, so I kept tasting it all afternoon, even after eating the rest of the pint of blueberries and vigorously brushing my teeth.

Karen called mid-soup and I got to wish her a belated happy birthday. Hooray for birthdays! Hooray for friends calling!

Unfortunately, yesterday was not without frustration. Oh, Hunter College -- how would I keep my bood pressure up without you? While I was waiting for my math placement scores to become "official," the class that I need filled up. Now I have to cross my fingers and hope some kid's financial aid doesn't come through so I can squeeze in when students are dropped for non-payment. Erm. I went ahead and registered for chemistry and its lab, and I hope I can hang onto those for the time being. And I got a great art history course: Islamic Art. I loved the Art of the Book in Islam course I took at UT a couple years ago, and I've heard good things about this one.

Last night I returned the rest of my math review workbooks to the library and picked up Neil Gaiman's Stardust. I was delighted to see that it appears to be of a normal length, which is to say, less than half a Harry Potter. The movie trailer looked intriguing, and I know that his fans are rabid, I mean, devoted. Speaking of, I think I'll take it to the park.

Off I go!

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oneredboot said...

stardust is FUN! light and clever, nice images, nice magic.

but if you're looking for a 10-pounder, satisfying post-HP read, try Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, if you haven't already. i venture to suggest that it's far far better than HP. karo couldn't get through it, but i love love love it.